The Community Foundation
San Luis Obispo County

Our Mission

The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County is a public trust established to assist donors in building an enduring source of charitable funds to meet the changing needs and interests of the community.

Our Vision

As residents of San Luis Obispo County, we are a thriving, engaged society that is responsible for ourselves and for one another, for our diverse communities, and for maintaining the beauty, productivity, and sustainability of our environment.

Resources for Advisors

The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County provides as much or as little support as you need to tailor a giving solution to your client’s priorities. From a variety of ways to give, to resources that improve the giving experience, we are happy to assist. We offer:

Transfer of Wealth Study

In 2011, The Community Foundation released a study on the anticipated intergenerational transfer of wealth within San Luis Obispo County over the next 50 years. The Foundation commissioned the Rural Policy Research Institute Entrepreneurship Center to analyze current and historical data in order to estimate the value of assets that will be left to heirs.The study found that San Luis Obispo County’s transfer of wealth could be as much as $62 billion over the next 50 years. According to the Transfer of Wealth report, if every San Luis Obispo County resident left 5% of their assets as an investment in the quality of life in SLO County, as much as $3.1 billion would provide for future generations!

Free trust illustrations

We are glad to “run the numbers” for you if a client is interested in a charitable trust. Many clients seek giving opportunities that provide capital gains savings, an income tax deduction and a lifetime income for the donor, donor's spouse or another individual. We can explain the tax deductions that are available to your clients and provide illustrations, a description of the gift plan and annual cash flow projections.

Contact us for custom support and to share your ideas. We’ll help you find a solution that’s good for your client, your business and your community.

Free presentations

Would the members of your firm be interested in learning more about how charitable giving can benefit clients? Do you belong to a club or membership organization that would like to learn more about opportunities to give back to community? Contact us for a presentation on any of these topics:

Client tools

  • Deciding to Give, a checklist that helps your clients determine the type of fund that meets their charitable giving goals, the type of gifts to make as they initiate and grow the fund, and how they wish to involve themselves and other family members in the giving process.
  • Comparing Approaches, a matrix that defines the distinctions between donor advised funds and private foundations.


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